“I don't sell coffee - I sell taste"

Introducing Mark Bullivant, the genius master roaster behind Mark Bullivant Coffee, and highly regarded veteran of the coffee industry...with an undying passion for flavour.

With fifty years of industry experience and twenty years as a Ballina local, Mark is well-known in the coffee industry for his expertise, as well as his integrity. From the selection and roasting of the beans to the packaging to liaising with his loyal wholesale customers, the business is run entirely by Mark, allowing him to provide a high quality, holistic service that is rare to find. Mark is a true master and is responsible for training many quality and well-known brands in the art of espresso.

Mark is the man who roasts your coffee and is the man who is responsible for the magic that happens in your cup each morning!

Mark Bullivant Coffee is a merchant of high-grade, specialty coffees, roasted or green, including: traditional and custom blends, single origins and micro-lots and rare and exotics. Mark specialises in superior quality, bespoke and one-of-a-kind coffees from around the world.

He prides himself on delivering satisfaction with every sip.

Make an appointment with Mark to set up your wholesale account or pick up your own personal coffee order!