Is your product ethically sourced?
Currently about 85% of our product is certifiably ethically sourced.  We do aim to increase this ratio over time, however, we are in direct contact with our suppliers and are fairly comfortable with balance that we currently have.

Why are orders dispatched on Mondays only?
Mark (Our Master Roaster) also manages a Coffee Plantation near Byron Bay.  Due to our commitment to delivering you the highest quality product possible and logistical reasons relating to Mark's responsibilities as a plantation manager, we need to limit deliveries to Mondays only in order to guarantee that you're getting the freshest of fresh roasted coffee.  This may change in the future and we will be sure to let you know if it does.

Do you sell Single Origin Coffees?
Yep! We haven't added that functionality on the website yet but please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.