Industry Training & Consultation

As well as roasting exotic coffee under the 'Mark Bullivant Coffee' brand, he also produces a local single origin, known as 'Byron Blue'.  It is grown in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in rich, volcanic soil that the area is renowned for. Over 45,000 coffee trees grow on 165 acres that receives over 2000mm of annual rainfall. [The altitude and the climate is very similar to Hawaii]

Everything on the farm is done by Mark Bullivant who has overseen the estate from its early days when the land was just a rudimentary airstrip to the amazing plantation it is today. Few can match Mark’s incredible experience in the coffee industry that ranges from over forty-five years roasting before becoming a grower. To Mark, there is only one criteria – flavour. This means every process and activity is geared towards producing the best possible coffee.

All the processing is done on the estate with its own specialised harvesting and processing equipment, then roasted at his state of the art facility in Ballina Industrial Estate (1 minute from the Airport!)

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