Byron Blue - Australian Single Estate

Byron Blue - Australian Single Estate

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Byron Blue Coffee Estate is the most easterly coffee plantation in Australia, with 180 degree views to Julian Rocks, The Byron Bay Lighthouse, Broken Head and Lennox Head.

Five Kilometres from Bangalow Village, Byron Blue Coffee Estate at Coopers Shoot harvests 45,000 K7, SL34 and Catui coffee trees on 165 acres. 

These grow in the sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of NSW, in close proximity to the Nightcap Ranges National Park and Woolumbin.  The ancient volcanic site has left a legacy of fertile rich red volcanic soil and no irrigation is necessary as the area has an average annual rainfall of 2000mm.  The cooler sub-tropical climate slows the ripening of the coffee and inhibits fungal growths.  

No pesticides are used on the property.

The coffee is cupped on a regular basis to confirm its clean, fresh and premium reputation within the industry.  

Ideal as an espresso and outstanding as a plunger, the coffee has won awards for its unique flavour.

Tasting Notes: Balanced acidity, soft body with hints of dark chocolate and fruit juice notes, very clean and smooth.


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